Certain Television Sets
December 22, 2015Commission Decisions, Domestic Industry

Television Sets: Commission Clarifies When Past Domestic Industry Investments No Longer Count and When Post-Complaint Activities May Be Considered

The Commission has once again addressed the economic prong of the domestic industry requirement in a final determination issued in Certain Television Sets, Television Receivers, Television Tuners, and Components Thereof (Inv. No. 337-TA-910) (“Television Sets”) on October 30, 2015. ...›

November 5, 2015ITC News

Flurry of New Section 337 Complaints Filed

Although the number of new Section 337 investigations instituted during the past several years has been lower than the peak years of 2011-12, the ITC has experienced a flurry of new complaint filings in the last six weeks. Since late September, eight (8) new Section 337 complaints have been filed with the Commission. Assuming that all these complaints result in institution by the ITC, this would bring the total of new Section 337 investigations instituted to 33 to date during calendar year 2015. ...›

October 12, 2015ALJ Decisions

Access Denied: Foreign Experts and Third-Party Source Code

Administrative Law Judge Theodore Essex recently issued an order denying foreign experts access to third-party source code. Specifically, Judge Essex upheld non-party Microsoft Corporation’s (“Microsoft”) objections and precluded the disclosure of source code and other confidential business information (“CBI”) to experts located in France retained by complainants NXP B.V. and NXP Semiconductor USA, Inc. (collectively, “NXP”). ...›